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Round Three!! Dec 3rd's Sly answers to your Stallone'd Questions:

Harry here - Sorry this day's answers got devoured by the SLY folder. It got all ironed out. And now - here they are. Bet you thought they wouldn't be up today. We'll try to do better tomorrow. LOVE his answer to take us through the 6 Rocky movies...

1. Q. What do you consider your worst film? Rhinestone or Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot? Eric P.
The worst film I’ve ever made by far… maybe one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we’ve never seen… a flatworm could write a better script then STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT. In some countries – China, I believe – running STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT once a week on government television has lowered the birth rate to zero. If they ran it twice a week, I believe in twenty years China would be extinct. Does that put it in perspective, Eric P.?
2. Dear. Mr.Stallone, A long time ago there was a rumor that Quentin Tarantino wanted you, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in his World War II epic "Inglorious Bastards." What are your general thoughts about the film and will you agree to be in it? Ryan Hailey Austin, Texas
I would love to work with Quentin Tarantino and had heard rumors about this World War II epic. I would be insane not to work with such a brilliant filmmaker. I was hoping to work with Quentin in his new GRINDHOUSE film, but unfortunately ROCKY and RAMBO duties prevented that from happening.
3. We all know what an important role Adrian portrayed in each Rocky. Why did Sly decide to write Adrian out of this movie? Warm regards, Dianna Bednar King of Prussia, PA
Dear Dianna… in the first three drafts Adrian was alive and the movie didn’t have any dramatic weight. Every scene was like a scene we’ve seen before. After a lot of soul-searching, I thought, “What’s the one thing that would reduce Rocky to ashes, that would tear his heart out?” and would create a movie where character development and survival were at the forefront, not just boxing. Her presence is all over ROCKY BALBOA, even though she’s physically not in it. Believe me, I love Talia and it killed me to do it.
4. Hey, Sly, In the Rocky IV, you had drove a Lamborghini Jalpa. Are you into or own any Italian exotic cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari? I'm a Lambo man myself! Jeremy
Dear Lambo Man… I used to own a Ferrari, a Maserati and a Lamborghini and enjoyed it while it lasted, but I tend to daydream. These are not the kind of cars that you can let get away from you, so I drive something a little calmer now.
5. Dear Mr. Stallone, You've created and played numerous heroes on film. I would like to know, who are your heroes? Ryan Pominville Hudson, WI
On film I had several heroes, like Kirk Douglas and, believe it or not, Steve Reeves in HERCULES, because the subject matter appealed to me. It was always about some form of redemption. The everyday heroes are too numerous to list. The people I respect are the ones who take it on the chin every day, the ones who don’t have a lot of money or a lot of muscles or a lot of genetic gifts, but what they have is an abundance of heart. Those are the characters that appeal to me. The only film in which I’ve portrayed a person like that is COP LAND. Non-physical courage is the most profound courage of all.
6. Did he ever really shoot an ending for Rocky 3 where Rocky died? I thought I remember reading that he was depressed over killing Rocky off, and studio pressure prevented the ending from ever being seen. If it exists, will we ever see it? FSN
No. ROCKY III never ended in Rocky’s demise. The only time Rocky was supposed to die was in ROCKY V, but the studio changed it’s mind and obviously it never happened. So, instead of dying in Adrian’s arms, we died at the box office. But in one way I’m glad, because I would never have been able to do ROCKY BALBOA.
7. Yo Harry, Steve here from Australia. My question is "would Sly ever consider or like to go back and 'correct' the Saturday Night Fever series like he has done with Rocky?" I would absolutley love to see Tony Manero go back to his Brooklyn roots. There's a chance to redeem a classic and end the SNF trilogy on a high note. I know it sounds silly but so did the notion of a 6th Rocky at first.
Dear Steve… There are many things I regret in the world of filmmaking, and I don’t know any actor, director or writer that wouldn’t want to have a second crack at doing it “the right way”. But that’s what getting older and wiser is all about. If we all knew then what we know now, everything would be a classic. Maybe not RHINESTONE, or OSCAR, but almost everything else. But yes, I would like to have made the film heavier.
8. I would just like to know out of all of Rocky films are their any scenes or moments that stick out for you? I'm looking forward to Rocky Balboa. I will be in line opening day. David Easley South Carolina
In ROCKY, the ice-skating scene and the scene in Rocky’s apartment when he’s yelling at Mickey, because 90% of it was ad-libbed and we only had time for one take. The training montage in ROCKY II after Adrian says, “Win.” In ROCKY III, Mickey’s death scene and Adrian and Rocky fighting on the beach. In ROCKY IV, just the pain of being hit by Dolph is a memory that will last forever. In ROCKY V… actually I have no recollection of anything memorable. In ROCKY BALBOA, going back to the old neighborhood, Rocky and Paulie in the meat house, the scene with Rocky and his son in the street, and the fight, which was more difficult and realistic than anything I’d ever been involved with. Just as a sidebar, the scene in ROCKY, where Rocky comes home to tell Adrian he can’t win was a lucky accident. Let me explain: we were running over schedule and a “higher authority” came to me and said, “We’re pulling the plug.” I didn’t think people actually used that term, but that’s what he said, “We’re pulling the plug.” I tried to explain that this scene is the key to the whole movie. Rocky realizes he doesn’t have a chance at victory, but “going the distance” was a victory in itself. The “powers that be” were still not impressed. A screaming match ensued, and finally they said, “You’ll get one take to get it right and no coverage.” I was so out of character from arguing for what seemed like an eternity, I went down to the corner, got a cheap bottle of Boone’s Farm apple wine, chugged it all and tried to sink into a calmer state of mind. I stood in front of the camera, they yelled, “Action”, and the scene was played out in one take and one angle. What makes this interesting is the next day the “higher authority” stepped out of the screening room, having just watched the dailies, and said, “Ya know, that’s the most important scene in the movie.” I just shrugged, bit my lip, and went off into the sunset. Welcome to Hollywoodland.
9. Mr. Stallone, You mentioned in your book “Sly Moves” that for many of your films, you thought about how each character's physique was representative of how that character was portrayed as dramatic character in their respective films. How did you approach Rocky's psychical being in “Rocky Balboa,” and what did you do to achieve the desired effect? Thanks, and keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to us all. Sincerely, John Reilly
For ROCKY BALBOA I trained with very heavy weights like a power-lifter, and I duplicate that in the film itself. Here’s an interesting tidbit: for months before the film a couple of high-ranking executives who shall remain nameless insisted that I let myself go, and in their words, “Pork out.” I wasn’t following their reasoning, and they explained themselves by saying, “Rocky should just be an average guy and not in shape at all, so he represents the everyday man.” Strangely enough, I followed this advice and one month before the filming I couldn’t fit into my boxing trunks. I looked in the mirror and thought this would be too much for the audience to swallow - that Rocky would be completely overweight and out of shape and manage to get in the ring with the world champion. Though I like eating junk food as much as everyone else, I had to go on a crash diet of high-protein (mainly beef) and many, many supplements. I had to lift weights until I could barely stand. So the results were a more believable approach, that although Rocky is well over the age range, he physically appears to be in competitive shape.
10. Hi Mr. Stallone, I was just wondering if there was any chance you would do a sequel to Nighthawks. I really liked that movie and you did a great job in it. Cheers, Jeff Victoria, British Columbia
Dear Jeff… I would’ve loved to have done a sequel to NIGHTHAWKS, especially now… but I think the opportunity is gone. I got away with it (or at least I hope I got away with it) with ROCKY BALBOA, but I think to pull NIGHTHAWKS together at this date, and at my age, would make this task almost impossible. But it would make a decent remake with a pair of contrasting actors, so maybe you’ve got my wheels turning a little bit, Jeff.

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