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Reader reviews "Red Dwarf" Series 8 premiere !!!

Glen here...

...with a little news about the eighth "series"..."season"...whatever...of Red Dwarf.

MR. HIPPO just sent in this review of the latest installement of the Red Dwarf saga, which is just starting to make the rounds in the United Kingdom (today, I believe).

American readers might be interested to know that quite a few Public Television Stations around the coutnry should begin carrying the newest Red Dwarf episodes here in the States sometime 'round mid-March.

Here's what Mr. Hippo had to say:


Mr. Hippo wrote:

Thought you would like to hear a quick review of the new (!!!) Red Dwarf VIII series which premiered tonight here in the UK on BBC 2. To cut to the chase, let me just say 'Brilliant'! Red Dwarf is back to its smeghead, kicking ass funniest after the disappointment of Red Dwarf VII.

Primary reasons are three-fold - one: Chris Barrie is back as Rimmer (the real Rimmer - see below) and the comedic chemistry between him and Craig Charles lives on still; two: they are back into front of a studio audience after the disaster of Red Dwarf VII's laugh track - yes, you heard right LAUGH TRACK; and three: the writng is spot-on and funny, which is all you ask for from Red Dwarf. For all those Dwarfers in the good old US of A, let me tell you that (based on what I saw tonight), you have something to look forward to!

Given the long stint between Red Dwarf VII and VIII, let me just recap where we are. The hologram Rimmer left last series to become the new Ace Rimmer (Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast), Kolchanski was back, albeit in the form of Chloe Annett rather than the wonderful, beautiful J.P. Grogan (I think that's her name). In the last episode of Red Dwarf VII, Holly (the original Holly - Norman Lovett) was found and the nano-robots had reconstructed Red Dwarf (sort of).

At the start of Red Dwarf VIII, it turns out that they have also reconstructed the long-dead crew, including...that's right...Rimmer! This leads to the arrest of Lister, Cat and gang for stealing and destroying Starbug.

This results in some hilarious medical and psychological testing including a 'so funny it will make you cry" medical examination of Cat's coloured-coordinated internal organs and 'rhythm is going to get you heartbeat and pulse'.

Also, there is an hilarious scene where Kryten undergoes psychological evaluation. But of course, the real charm comes in the interplay between Lister and Rimmer as Lister tries to enlist the now-alive Rimmer's help to escape from confinement, promising him access to the resurrected crew's record and a quick ride up the ladder to promotion via blackmail, manipulation, etc..

This leads to the best interplay with Rimmer commenting:

"Do you really think you can win me over with promises of power and stature? Do you really think.. all right, I'll do it."

Rimmer goes to the now almost completely destroyed Starbug to access the crew records Lister has left behind and while he is there finds the Luck and Sexual Magnetism Viruses the crew picked up from the mad Dr. Linstrom in the classic Season 5 epsiode, 'Quarantine'.

Part One of this episode ends with Rimmer taking a little test sip of the Sexual Magnetism Virus and walking through Red Dwarf with every female crewmember looking at him hungrily and saying 'Hi, Arnold' with bedroom eyes. Part One ends with a classic shot of Rimmer with a smug smile on his face and him commenting 'Everybody loves a bastard.'

In short, fantastic! Red Dwarf is back to its best and I - for one - can't wait for the next seven episodes in this series.


Glen again...

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