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Eddie Murphy to Axel F to BEVERLY HILLS COP IV?!?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here - just got the bead from one of our top L.A. operatives that Eddie Murphy is in negotiations to reprise his role for BEVERLY HILLS COP IV with Lorenzo DiBonaventura producing. Wow. Talk about a franchise that up until about 15 minutes ago, I thought was as dead as dead could be... I'm now very excited about. This is so 1980s as to defy comprehension. However - after watching Eddie's performance in DREAMGIRLS - I can say, without hesitation that this could be a brilliant career move. Make Foley a badass, burnt out - possibly retired - having to face down one last investigation... Making the action hurt, making Murphy foul again. And don't bring back Serge. Kill Billy in the opening sequence and start from there. BEVERLY HILLS COP IV - Wish to god they'd let Martin Brest do it, but with GIGLI being his last film, I don't see that as being likely. I'd kill to see JOHNNY TO do it. Oh well, that's a wet dream.

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