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Want to ask Sylvester Stallone a Question?

Yo AICNers! Harry here! Ok - So tonight, I get this IM from Robert Rodriguez saying that Sly Stallone called him wanting my phone number. Robert was IMing me to see if I'd let him give Stallone my phone number. I said, "Absolutely!" Robert thought that was funny, as when he read it, he imagined it in Stallone's voice. About 30 minutes later, my phone rings and it is Stallone. Now, I had about an 8 hour conversation with Sly back when he was making SPY KIDS 3 - and found him to be a really great and down to earth guy to talk to. He was quite realistic about his career, hopeful about making one last ROCKY film, but realistic in the uphill battle he knew it would take to make the film - to convince people that it would be anything other than ridiculous. Turns out Stallone wants to have a presence and an interaction online with you - the online audience. At the same time - he doesn't want for there to be any question about whether or not it is him answering the question, so he asked if I would be willing to let him answer 10 questions a day that I pick - and then answer them that same day. We worked out how we'd do it and I'm quite enthused about this. There's no stipulation on the questions - He'll answer questions about the making of ROCKY BALBOA and he'd answer questions about RHINESTONE. About RAMBO and his early film, THE ITALIAN STALLION. Point is - he wants to answer your questions. The first set will go up FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st - and will continue to answer your questions till WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20th. That's going to be 200 different questions. SO... Whatcha got for Balboa? Email me your questions to HK@AINTITCOOL.COM - with the SUBJECT LINE - "I HAVE A SLY QUESTION FOR STALLONE" -- This will take the Question to a folder - from which I will choose the questions and then email them to Stallone - and he says he'll email me back with the answers... daily. You should also include your name or handle and where you live (just city and state or country) That way I can place it with your question so you can brag to your friends that you asked Stallone a question! That's Just Too Cool. Balboa is gonna answer your questions! So Send Your Questions Now!!!

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