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Updated with good QT links!!! THE HITCHER remake trailer hitches a ride on MSN's Crappy Player!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here, piggy-backing on Harry's story. I have good, quality Quicktime links for the trailer as well as some Windows Media versions... I'll post them below! Enjoy!

Hey folks, Harry here... You know me, I'm not a hater of remakes. I believe no serious fan of film can be. I mean hell, that would mean I'd have to hate THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE MALTESE FALCON, TARZAN THE APE MAN (Johnny Weismuller version), FRANKENSTEIN (1931) or in modern times, John Carpenter's THE THING, MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE LORD OF THE RINGS and... oh yeah, CASINO ROYALE. That said, most remakes suck your retinaes out. Now, I haven't been highly critical of Platinum Dunes' onslaught of remaking classic 70's and 80's Horror films. I have enjoyed the Chainsaw remakes, I have enjoyed the AMITYVILLE HORROR remake... BOY - what a difference Quicktime makes. When I initially looked at this on MSN, it just didn't visually look that good, but here it looks much better. As for the film? We'll see. They seem to definitely be following very closely to the original film - except for the whole two people in the car thing instead of just the awesome presence of C Thomas Howell - so that will change the dynamic of the story. Will that be good or bad? We'll have to wait to see, but in the trailer they're definitely blowing shit up real good and given the laxed attitudes about gross stuff that the MPAA currently has, I'm betting the truck ripping scene will be real good - and I hope we'll finally get to see that goodness, instead of cutting away like in the original. Check it out, here's the links:

By The Twitching of My Thumbs, THE HITCHER Remake, This Way Comes!

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