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Holy Smokes! A Pre-Trailer in progress of SPIDER-MAN 3 with VENOM FOOTAGE is now gone!!!

Harry here... I love this trailer. Incomplete effects, green screen stage work, storyboards... you get the idea of just how much goes into making a trailer... and at the end... VENOM - clear as day... behold and scream in glee!

It isn't often that I get calls on Sunday afternoons, but guess what? I got a whole host of calls from SONY folks asking to have this trailer removed. PERSONALLY - I think it's a GIGANTIC mistake on their part. As you can see from the response in the talk back below - this is the HUGE POSITIVE response that the trailer that they did release, didn't get. I suppose they want to hold off till later to reveal VENOM... but the fans of SPIDER-MAN and VENOM have been dying to see this footage - and it got out there. Accept it. Let it spread virally. Because Sony? Marvel? It's out. All anybody has to do is search for "Spider-Man" or "Venom" on multiple different video hosting sites. Hell - below in the talkback is a link to a really great MOV file of just the VENOM footage... and I'm willing to bet on message boards all over the net, you'll see others doing the same. Let this leak, leak. For one - it shows the amazing work that's going into this film and gives fans exactly what they want, but not too much of it. Anyway - Spider-fans... the truth is out there... go get it!

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