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SPIDER-MAN 3 designs? Venom? Sandman? Green Goblin 2.0? - Yup, but now they're gone!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Now, consider these pics given to us by a source calling himself "Jubba" as rumor. It's even possible it's fan art, but I think it may be legit. On a certain level. The below images look to me like video game designs and if my hunch is right, then these will be very close to what we'll see in SPIDER-MAN 3. We can confirm that Harry Osborne will look like the below thanks to the trailer and I can vouch for his swords on his back from the rough footage they showed at Comic-Con.

And if this is what Venom looks like in the film count me one excited geek. The raised webbing looks so great on him, so veiny and gross... If this is indeed a preview of what to expect the Venom design in the film to look like, then I can forgive the raised webbing on Spidey's black suit.

Enjoy, squirts... while it's up. I'll take it as undeniable confirmation that these designs are legit if we're "asked" to remove the pics, so enjoy them while you can!

SADLY - the images were removed at the request of SONY. As those of you who saw them could tell - they were EARLY versions of characters and not the final goodness, but just the mere fact that SONY asked us to take them down means.... they were pretty close. --- Harry

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