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Scorsese’s ROLLING STONES Documentary To Be Released By Paramount!!

Merrick here...
Hot on the heels of yesterday’s report about U2’s Vertigo tour coming to theaters in Digital 3-D, Hollywood Reporter indicates that Paramount is planning to release Martin Scorsese’s documentary about The Rolling Stones…now in production. Scorsese and cinematographer Robert Richardson (JFK, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, the KILL BILLs) will bag around half a million feet of film during the Stones' current tour – this figure does not include High Def, DV, 16mm and 8mm material captured back stage. Here’s a snippet from the article…a lot of talent here:
Veteran docu filmmaker Albert Maysles also will provide backstage coverage, while the A-list cinematographers operating cameras in the auditorium will include Mitch Amundsen (2nd unit, "Mission: Impossible III"), Stuart Dryburgh ("The Piano"), Robert Elswit ("Good Night, and Good Luck"), Ellen Kuras ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"), Andrew Lesnie ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy), Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki ("The New World"), Anastas Michos ("Mona Lisa Smile"), Declan Quinn ("In America") and John Toll ("Braveheart").
Wowzers. I’m not a huge Stones fan myself…but they’re ‘K…’spose. Although, I would have loved to have seen them when they came through on their current tour (I missed them), as it’s probably a safe bet there won’t be another tour. I would like to have witnessed their little moment in history just one time. Then again, if my theory holds…and if The Rolling Stones truly are autonomous robotic constructs designed to outlive us all & someday subjugate humanity…then maybe I’ll get another chance. Just…maybe. Filming started Sunday….no word on release dates at this time.


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