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George Miller
‘I’m very very
keen to do it’!!

I am – Hercules!! In Focus Magazine just published Mike Russell's interview with George Miller to promote the iconic writer-director’s first directorial effort since 1998’s “Babe: Pig in the City,” an animated penguin musical titled “Happy Feet.” But Mike and George spoke of other things. An excerpt:
GEORGE MILLER: “Mad Max 4” is so prepared, there seems to be a lot of momentum for it to get done. Right now, I’ve got another, smaller film to do, and then we’ll gear up and do “Mad Max” again. In what form and so on, I don’t know. But it hasn’t gotten stale in the meantime, and I’m very very keen to do it. It seems like there’s the appetite out there.
Another excerpt I found of interest:
IN FOCUS: A story in Daily Variety dated Dec. 10, 2002 reported that Mel Gibson had signed on for a fourth “Mad Max” movie. Does that mean the rumors about “Mad Max 4” being a prequel — focusing on Max’s days in the Main Force Patrol — were always patently false? GEORGE MILLER: Yeah. Yeah, they are.
It may bear noting that In Focus interviewed Miller in mid-September, about a month and a half AFTER all the unpleasantness in Malibu. Read the entire In Focus interview here. Harry, if you use this, call me "Herakles The Strong"!!

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