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Frites Gets KNOCKED UP & Says It Was Fantastic!!

Merrick here...
Frites sent in this look at Judd Apatow’s new film KNOCKED UP, which isn’t slated to be released for many months still (like…nine or ten months, or something like that). None the less, the test screening process is already underway, and...thus far... we’ve been getting some very positive word of mouth on the film. The review below, being one example, as well this previous review.
Here’s Frites with more…
I live in the Los Angeles area and I was lucky enough to get invited to one of those free test screenings of Judd Apatow's new movie, Knocked Up. I was feeling a little sick after returning from a weekend at Toy Fair in New York, but I opted to go anyway because I figured if this movie was nearly as good as 40 Year Old Virgin it would make me laugh a little. Let me start by telling you that in my opinion this movie was not only nearly as good it blows it away! In 40 Year Old Virgin a lot of the jokes were sophomoric and the humor came from watching Steve Carrel's genius on the screen. Although the movie does hold up on second and third viewings, I think Knocked Up will become an instant classic. I don't want to give any spoilers, but the basic gist of the film is a lovable loser played by Seth Rogen has a one night stand with a hot ass on air Talent at E! played by Katherine Heigl and of course gets her pregnant. The entire cast is perfect. I really respect Judd Apatow's decision of not casting a named talent in the lead role for many reasons. One is that Seth Rogen is so underrated as an actor and personality and two is that he is simply brilliant in this role. He is funny, charming and endearing the entire way through the movie. You really like him even when he has his inevitable asshole moments. And Katherine Heigl plays her character the same way, she is smoking hot but with a sense of humor, which to me is the one thing I don't buy in this film. I live in Los Angeles and hot chicks with a sense of humor like that simply don't exist in the Los Angeles Bar scene, but hey it is the movies. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are amazing as Heigl's sister and brother-in-law. They play the counter balance to the new love between Seth and Heigl as they deal with being married with kids. Again Paul Rudd out does himself as a comic actor. This guy really needs to respected for his brilliance on screen. He never turns in a performance that isn't top notch funny. If I had one negative, when it comes to the story, I will try and say this without giving away any major points of the plot. Harry if you feel it does please cut this part out. The negative would be that in the movie there is the inevitable point where Rogen and Heigl have a huge fight and Rogen's character says some pretty mean, but funny lines to her that the audience is thinking the entire time. But, it is also set up that he is the only one who knows the sex of the baby and is sworn to secrecy. In this scene he blurts it out in anger and tells her to fuck off. I really think that one line took his character to a real jerk-off type of place. A place I don't think he would ever go. He is really too sweet and so in love that he would do anything to keep her happy even if he is pissed. I was hoping that Apatow would in the end reveal that he was lying and the sex was the opposite of what he blurted out, but it didn't happen. I felt if it did he really could have redeemed him and has a great tender moment where Heigl would realize even at his angriest he couldn't hurt her because he loves her so much. Like I said this was an early screening and they could actually fix that line with a little ADR. We will see. All in all this movie was fantastic. Funny from beginning to end and a funny that is not prank jokes and falls, but really laughs that come with the story. My one negative is that the movie goes too long. Like with 40 Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers it seems hollywood has a hard time of keeping comedies down to the hour and half they used to be and now they all push nearly 2 hours or more. As much as I love laughing that long there is room to cut this one down a bit before it hits theaters. I totally recommend this flick and actually can't wait to see it again when it comes out. I hope audiences will really accept the film on it's merits and go and see it even though there isn't a real named actor in the staring role. Although a few appear in cameos. I'm Out! Frites

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