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Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. If I was in New York, I'd see this in a heartbeat. The very idea that this exists - and that people seem to dig it so far - entertains me enormously.

Harry, You may have already run something on the Toronto production, but I thought I'd send you a capsule review of the new Off-Broadway soon-to-be-cult hit "Evil Dead: The Musical". (It opens on November 1 -- The Day of the Dead.) Minor spoilers follow to those who haven't seen the films... I caught a preview last night, and in short - "Evil Dead: The Musical" is Fan-freaking-tastic. The show is a combination of the original Evil Dead, and Evil Dead II (with a smattering thrown in from "Army of Darkness"). This is a very smart move on the part of the creators, as the first film's plot of 5 friends alone at a haunted cabin in the woods is far more accessible to theatregoers who have not seen the original films (not to mention allowing them to raise the body count...). But don't worry, essentially the whole plot of the second film is in there too, and the whole thing blazes along wickedly with a wonderful cast, all of whom have their tongues firmly planted in cheek. Yes, it is played as a splatter comedy, along the lines of "Evil Dead II". And it totally works - the piece is both bloody and funny as hell - not only is the onstage world very heightened to the point of hilarity, but the creators have made the piece very self aware (as to plot holes and contrivances) as well as peppering the show with tons of in-jokes to the Deadite faithful. And a note - this is not some low-rent sketch comedy knock-off. This musical has been endorsed by virtually everyone associated with the film. It is truly the "Official" version - with a killer set (literally), elaborate puppetry and as I alluded to...a virtuallly unending supply of blood (especially in Act II). Adventurous viewers should definitely buy tickets for the "Splatter Zone", the first three rows of the theatre, where you WILL get fake blood on you (possibly all over you, depending on the exact location of your seat - note, ushers do pass out complimentary ponchos to Splatter Zone patrons at intermission). There is not a weak link in the cast - a truly awesome ensemble all around (serious rock singing, athletic dancing, zany acting - all top notch), but special notice must be given to Ryan Ward, whose Ash is Dead-on (pun definitely intended). Although the entire show is played as a heightened comedy, Ryan manages to give us a taste of the original, tamer Evil Dead I Ash in Act I - slowly evolving until he finally becomes "ASH" as Act II begins. The man absolutely gets it (and he is obviously a HUGE fan of the original films). There is not a false note in his performance - a spectacular New York debut. The show is a hoot - in fact, there was a lot of hooting going on - the crowd absolutely ate it up, cheering the end of hilarious musical numbers (like "What the Fuck Was That", "Look Who's Evil Now" and "All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons") and of course, often shouting the best lines right along with Ash (as the creators clearly intended). I think it's only scheduled to run through the end of December, but I can't imagine that it won't get extended. Seriously - this could be another "Little Shop". The placed was packed with a very young, very hip theatre crowd, many of whom I heard discussing coming again (myself included). So New York AICN'ers - get your tickets now! If you use this, call me Darth Soderbergh.

Merrick here... Firedie called this one to our attention: it's a scene from the musical!

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