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OCTO-BNAT Attendees Chosen! Did You Make It? Celebration or Sadness? Click Here To See

Hey folks, Harry here... Well I just got done with the list. There is no making everyone happy and in two years when we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of BUTT-NUMB-A-THON the odds will get quite a bit better as we're trying a noble experiment that year which could mean I'll be able to let a great deal more of you in. Keep your fingers crossed. Some people that have been to every single BNAT were cut this year in favor of fresh blood. Quite a few BNAT virgins have gotten in. And as always - I've tried to even up the sexes for swifter bathroom access for all. I know that seems like an odd criteria, but when you've got a schedule to keep, it helps. Now - what does it mean if your name is on the following list? It means that YOU and only YOU have permission to buy your BNAT ticket from the Alamo Drafthouse when they become available. Once you have bought this ticket - you are guaranteed admission to the world's most exclusive and mysteriously secretive film celebration. Which begins at 12 noon on Saturday, December 9th, 2006 and continues non-stop till 12 noon on Sunday, December 10th, 2006. Wait, didn't you mention something about screenings on the Friday and Monday before and after OctoButt-Numb-A-Thon? I did. Your ticket is good for these, but you'll need to RSVP for these events through the DRAFTHOUSE once the pages for them are set up. I will notify you here on AICN. The Friday film is Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH and the Monday film is Alfonso Cuaron's CHILDREN OF MEN. The Friday film should be starting at either 6pm or 7pm Austin Time - again - this will be clarified closer to the event. And CHILDREN OF MEN will start at 7pm Monday. The RSVP for those is so I know how many available seats can be offered to the local public, in case your travel plans don't allow for you to attend these stand alone screenings. Tickets should be purchased as soon as possible once they are made available. The ticket money goes towards the cost of the event and to sponsor the SATURDAY MORNING KIDS CLUB that screens cool and wonderful films to kids of all backgrounds - as well as the HEROES OF THE ALAMO foundation for the preservation of the Original Alamo Drafthouse which has become a non-profit in order to stay in the original location and bring the best in cinema programming to Austin. My Name Isn't On The List - Is there any Hope? Yes, you have one avenue left to you. The STAND BY LINE. Calling me, won't help. For whatever reason - your application didn't make the cut. This process is especially hard on me as many of you are friends - however after 10 years of running AICN - I've made a lot of friends. For example - BNAT has been going on for 7 years, this being its 8th - and in all that time, my sister has never been able to come - even though she loves films like you wouldn't believe. This year, she can and she will. My personal list doesn't change in size each year - to keep it open to as many people who I wish to invite to experience this experience. If you didn't make it in and you are local. TRY the STAND BY LINE. Details on the STAND BY LINE will be forthcoming closer to the event. Where's the List? Right Here in the order picked: 1. Jessica Breckenridge 2. John Carpenter 3. Shelly Carpenter 4. Alan Cerny 5. Michael Contreras 6. Megan Murray 7. Joseph McDonald 8. Darren Tange 9. Melissa Tange 10. Shauna Leveille 11. Meghan Murphy 12. Sarah Sprague 13. Bryan O’Donnell 14. Martha Tauke 15. Christopher Cargill 16. Jessica Cargill 17. Heidi Ann Zarse 18. Pamela Nail 19. John Gholson 20. Jen Bryan 21. John Osmon 22. Becky Osmon 23. Michael Reeves 24. Brianne Corn 25. Tim McCanlies 26. Ernie Cline 27. Steven Prokopy 28. Simeon Peebler 29. Jeff Mahler 30. Nick Wilson 31. Nicky Ankers 32. Erik Secrest 33. Katie Pfeil 34. Karin Mente 35. Andy Howell 36. Brinton Bryan 37. Julie Gonzalo 38. Elisabeth Rinae Rappe 39. E. David Vespe 40. Tony Vespe 41. Kristoffer Morgan 42. Michaela Morgan 43. Jarrette Moats 44. Brian Miller 45. Patricia Jones 46. Melissa Mosley 47. Kevin Clark 48. Evangaline Keck 49. Angelique Ibrahim 50. Kipling Sanders 51. Katherine Tomlinson 52. Ryan Fons 53. Brandy Fons 54. Robin Chalkley 55. Russell Lingo 56. Jesse Lingo 57. Gordon Jones 58. Brandy Dial 59. Kim Thompson-Jones 60. Thorr 61. Brian Satterwhite 62. Walker Dollahon 63. Stephanie Nelson 64. Amy Nelson 65. Emily Hagins 66. Megan Hagins 67. Ingrid Richter 68. Mary Elizabeth Young 69. Elizabeth Katheryn Gray 70. Melvin Lee Gray 71. Alyssa Marie Saucedo 72. Michael Saulters 73. Chris Ladusky 74. Shannon Howard 75. Catherine Horlick 76. Liam MacNamee 77. Jason Alan Hong-Turney 78. Loan Hong-Turney 79. Maximilian Michael Andres Hoffman 80. Barbara Elizabeth Patnode 81. Leslie Schlotman 82. Anne Schlotman 83. Lauren Ellig Lenzen 84. Windy Therese Bowlsby 85. Chris Bowlsby 86. Perrin Klumpp 87. Jennifer Klumpp 88. Christopher Jones 89. Melissa Kaercher 90. Jeremy F Stomberg 91. Amy Tucker 92. Pat Wick 93. Timothy Wick 94. Neil Cook 95. Matthew Perniciaro 96. Annie Bulloch 97. Jeremy Bulloch 98. Amada Marquez 99. Romeo Azar 100. Lyrae Anderson 101. Neil Anderson 102. Greg MacLennan 103. Reed Oliver 104. Mark Wensel 105. Johnny Wise 106. Cheryl Westerman 107. Monica Knighton 108. Ed Kelly 109. Glenn Leavell 110. Lisa Kelly 111. Darrell Golliher 112. Laura Steadman 113. Jennifer Hoyt 114. Bob Jones 115. Sam Rowe 116. Bernadette Johnson 117. Andy Walker 118. Joey McCoy 119. W. Boyd Ford 120. Ulf Kastner 121. Shannon Leigh Jordy 122. Patrick Morgan 123. D Campbell MacKinlay 124. Derek Mahr 125. Craig Titley 126. Jamie Wesson 127. Jennifer Gray 128. Daniel Osborne 129. Jacky Lee Morgan 130. Richard Heim 131. Rod Whitenack 132. Kirk Johnson 133. Bradley Howard Jackson 134. Jed Strahm 135. Drew McWeeny 136. Roland De Noie 137. Kevin Biegel 138. Tricia Wilk 139. Sean Lavery 140. Rob Biegel 141. Jon Peele 142. Josh Loiko 143. Thomas Allen Humphreys 144. Zachariah Wood 145. Mindy Constant 146. Jeremy Daniel Smith 147. Claire Harlin 148. Jack Pattillo 149. Michael Wilson 150. Holly Blain 151. Brooks Blain 152. Dannie Helen Lorraine Knowles 153. Aaron Wade Dunn 154. Jay Knowles 155. Harry Knowles 156. Rebecca Elliott 157. Neil Reece 158. Fitz Meshbane 159. Gavin Wilson 160. Tim League 161. Andy Tucker 162. Brent Lyles 163. Justin Ishmael 164. Harry Guerro 165. Harry Guerro + 1 166. Lars Nilsen 167. Kier-La Janisse 168. Chloe Okuno 169. Vanessa Archambault 170. Jovah Siegel 171. Horst Christopher Sarubin 172. Kessa Sun 173. Katy Daiger 174. Kristal Cooper 175. Angela Lynn King 176. Jimmy Dewey Scott 177. Rebecca Thompson 178. Sam Graham 179. Ryan Stuart Davis 180. Elizabeth Margaret Rizzo 181. Susan Joy Walkup 182. Gary Miller 183. Elizabeth Christine Hickey 184. Alec Michael Joler 185. Stephanie Anne Willborn 186. Omar Salinas Ok - So realistically - are there any extra seats? Yes. But these are seats for Filmmakers bringing films and the folks that they inevitably bring along. There could be people that due to financial problems or personal issues have to say goodbye to their BNAT8 dreams. These seats become holdovers for the STANDBYS and I'm not reassigning them under any circumstances. Because this list is now in Tim League and the Alamo Drafthouse's hands. My attention is now focused on finalizing the line-up, the incredible BNAT BAGS, the Poster Art and all the other creative things I have to organize and set up. I'm sorry if you didn't make the list. For those who are on the list, welcome to Geek Christmas aka OCTOBUTT-NUMB-A-THON!!!!

Rough of BNAT 8 Poster by Cartuna

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