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I am – Hercules!! Our inside mole tells us that the great Will Ferrell makes a surprise return appearance on the all-new “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. It’s hosted by Ferrell’s “Talladega Nights” co-star John C. Reilly. Musical guest is My Chemical Romance. As one might infer from the promos, we’re going to see the return of The A-Holes as well. Ferrell’s got “Stranger Than Fiction” coming out in couple weeks, so I get why he’s there. But what is Reilly promoting, one wonders? Our mole asked what I thought of the Jaime Pressley show from two weeks ago. Sadly, my uncaring bastard of a TiVo already deleted it, but I do remember laughing pretty hard when, during the monologue, the inbred-looking overall-clad banjo-player Pressley thought was placed behind her to mock southerners turned out to be a member of the band.

Hercules The Strong thinks Drew Friedman is the funniest motherfucking cartoonist on the planet!! Old. Jewish. Comedians!!!
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