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LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD Casting!! The Bad Guy!! John McClane's Super Hot Daughter!!

Merrick here...
A few weeks back, reported that Jeffrey Wright had been cast as the villain in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (a title I still kind of despise). Evidentaly, this report was not entirely accurate. This morning, Hollywood Reporter indicates that DEADWOOD's Timothy Olyphant will apear as Bruce's bane in the new film. He's also been seen in GO, the GONE IN 60 SECONDS remake, and DREAMCATCHER. Here's what he looks like:

Also cast in LFODH is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, playing John McClane's daughter.
That's little Lucy?!?! Man does this make me feel old...and a tad lecherous. Of course, screwing around with John McClane's daughter would probably make for a really bad day. Winstead's character, by the way, did not apear in the draft of the script I reviewed HERE. When Wright was said to be in the film, many folks thought it was pretty cool. So, how does this Olyphant news impact Wright? Was he ever in the movie to begin with? Is he in it, but as a different character? If you know, please E-MAIL ME. I'll post an update if anyone can shed light on Jeffrey's disposition.

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