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Ahmet Zappa is writing a FRAGGLE ROCK feature film...

Hey folks, Harry here with... mondo bizarro news. It seems that in our future, we will see a FRAGGLE ROCK feature film written by Ahmet Zappa. Apparently it will be the Fraggles on an adventure into Outer Space - which is our Human world. OK... sure... I love it when my fiance wears her pink Fraggle Rock shirt... and from time to time I do sing a terrible version of their Theme Song. But - I can't really imagine a theatrical FRAGGLE ROCK feature film. And personally - I'd rather they explore INNER SPACE further into the universe of the Fraggles... However, it'll all be worthwhile if we get remote control dozer thingees actual size. That'd rule. Variety also mentions that Zappa has written THE MONSTROUS MEMOIRS OF A MIGHTY McFEARLESS for Jerry Bruckheimer to produce at Disney. I have to admit massive curiousity as to what a Ahmet Zappa conceived film looks like. Weird times...

Merrick here... Don't forget to watch THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SESAME STREET! Also, this Fraggle reminds me of Harry!

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