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A spy wants to eat up HANNIBAL RISING with some fava beans and a nice chianti!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a test screening review of the Young Hannibal flick, HANNIBAL RISING. I'm a little wary about a prequel story for Mr. Lecter, but if this guy isn't pull our leg then this sounds like not only a worthy addition to the Hannibal Lecter universe, but a solid damn movie in its own right. Might be some spoilery stuff below, but our reviewer doesn't go too deep into the events of the flick. Still, tread carefully if you're afraid of spoilers. Enjoy!!!

Hi, Johnny “Chuck” Death (the Man in the Tan Hat (NYC)) with a review of the new entry in film world’s Thomas Harris’ Lecter series HANNIBAL RISING. The screening took place in Edgewater NJ just a short hop across the GW Bridge. You printed my report from the NYC Monster House screening so I thought I’d toss this your way. I attended with my wife the BatChick and we were, quite frankly not expecting much. We were told ithe usual -t was one of the first showings and the film was not finished (effects, music, scratches etc. ) We got much more than expected. We were riveted from the start to the finish. And the film looked and sounded pretty darn locked to me. The film opens in 1944 as the Lecter family including young Hannibal and his little adorable sister Misha leaves their castle for the lodge in the woods. Russian Tanks, crashing Nazi aircraft (the effects looked finished to me) leave the kids orphaned and then come the scumbag local criminal bastards. Things go from bad to worse and anyone who has read Hannibal already knows that Mish is eaten. Flash forwards - Hannibal escaping an orphanage that was once his family castle. He displays some traits, can not speak and screams from nightmares. He makes it to Paris where he is taken in by his aunt Gong Li (really). He learns the way of the Samurai, is the youngest student accepted to med school on a working scholarship (working in the morgue) and meets up with inspector Papilon who is hunting war criminals. Some great moments between the two, hints of Hannibal’s ability to “turn the tables” and play mind games. After defending his aunts honor in a typically Lecter fashion Hannibal goes on the hunt himself. I don’t want to give away any more. Gaspard Ulliel is excellent as Young Hannibal. The period setting is remarkable. The cinematography by Ben Davis is as gorgeous as Gong Li. The script by Thomas Harris grabs you and leads you deeper into the legend of Lecter. The audience seemed overall pleased and I hope they change not a frame. Far superior to Red Dragon. As good as Hannibal. One of the most entertaining movies I have seen this year. Johnny “Chuck” Death The Man In The Tan Hat

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