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John Milius scripts Korean War flick, THE CHOSEN FEW!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I loooove me my John Milius flick. The man's crazy, but damn he knows how to write war. Mark Cuban's 2929 Entertainment is using Mr. Milius' talents for the Korean War film THE CHOSEN FEW, based on the Chosin Reservoir Battle in which 15,000 Marines and 2500 Army soldiers fought against a surprise attack of over 100,000 Chinese troops. The Army soldiers were ill-equiped and undertrained, but were able to help the Marines survive, but were thought to have 'cut and run' and were labeled cowards. This film is supposed to shed light on what really happened in the battle, from survivor's testimonials and research done by Defense Dept. analyst Julie Precious.

Sounds good to me. Wonder who they're eye-ballin' to direct? I'd love to see Milius behind the camera again... What do you folks think?

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