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Hey folks, Harry here - - Giving you an update. This year's festivities will officially be titled as OCTOBUTT-NUMB-A-THON!!! Cartuna punched out the logo here:

Tim League and I sat down from 2:30pm till 6pm today having our first serious meeting about it all. Due to too much great luck - there will be a change in BNAT this year. On Friday, December 8th - we'll be having a screening of a special film - before the annual BNAT pre-party. And on Monday, December 11th - My actual Birthday - we'll have a 7pm screening of another special film. The appetizer and dessert of this feast weekend of cinema! For those that get in town early and hang out - this is just an extra thing for you folks. AND - for those that didn't get into BNAT and happen to live here or what not - this is your chance to attend something on a standby basis. Both films are spectacular and will be announced prior to BNAT on the site. Keep those Submissions coming, I already have too many, but the more I have, the more fun it is to find the perfect audience to enjoy wonderful films for charity!!!

Hey Potential BNATers, your master of geek affairs is here... That's right, Harry. It is that time again. That time where butterflies take flight in geek tummies everywhere... Will YOU be at BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 8. I've had an amazing year and with my fiance, Yoko, attending - I've got to do everything I can to scare her away - while making me the happiest boy on Earth for this year's 24 hour celebration of cinema... because if she makes it through what I have in store for her and the rest of us... She truly deserves to be with me forever more. The rest of the audience... well, they get to come along for the ride. This will be an astonishing BNAT. What is Butt-Numb-A-Thon 8? This is a 24 hour film festival unlike any other. In the past - we've had special guests like Mel Gibson, Peter Jackson, Vin Diesel and a real live munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. Famous first screenings of movies like MAGNOLIA, CHICAGO, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, OLDBOY, SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE, V FOR VENDETTA, BLOOD FEAST 2 and a great deal more. Vintage films starring greats like Buster Keaton, Dick Miller, Rita Hayworth, Bela Lugosi & a back specialist that looked just like him. Live surgury captured in 35mm, incest, zombies, all midget western, musicals, film noirs, science fiction, 3D movies, silent film with live original score. Films and Clips introduced by the likes of Robert Wise, Steven Spielberg, Frank Darabont, Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Linklater, Bruce Campbell and many more. Audience Members like Eli Roth, Tim McCanlies, Tom DeSanto and Jeff Mahler! An audience that includes Moriarty, Quint, Capone, Hercules (if he can make it) and others. Full menu of food, hot waitstaff, ALCOHOL and more. Gift Bags for all attendees in the past have included such amazing items as an ATARI FLASHBACK for everyone, usually 5-12 movie posters - some of which could be signed by the entire cast, free T-shirts from current and vintage films, weird things like handcuffs and duck calls - which may be used in conjunction with the events. BASICALLY - it's the most fun you'll have in a movie theater this year, that doesn't involve sex... although - I have heard stories of sexual things having took place at past events. What's happening this year? Wouldn't you like to fucking know... When is it? December 9th - 10th - from Noon to Noon at the greatest movie theater on planet Earth... THE ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE! How's programming going? Exceptionally well. In fact, I've had more films trying to get into BNAT this year than ever before. And whether or not they make it in, well, is a very tough thing to say. You see, right now - I'm narrowing down the list of those offered based on the spectacular extras and specialness of the film in question. In addition, I'm attempting to pull off my usual programming miracles of finding a film that nobody has heard of that's amazing. Be it from the United States or abroad. In addition - as I narrow these titles down and begin closing on several. Right now there's 3 locked premieres/advanced spectaculars. And about 9 others that want to get in, and at most - I'll only every schedule 3 more. Because then it's about finding and choosing the vintage films that tie it all together and remind us that cinema's past is as much a discovery as its future. How do you get in? Well, let's see. Beginning on October 15th and until October 25th (central standard time) I will begin to accept applications sent to! What needs to be in these "applications"? Each year - we try to pick an audience that is drunk in love with film. People that truly "geek" about all manners and periods of film. People that need a push in a direction of cinematic exploration that will lead them on the path they wish to tread. People that really really want to come to BNAT. In addition - this application will be used to help create the BNAT Yearbook - that has info about each and every single last one of you. But unlike High School Year Books - these are part of the entertainment that comes with the experience. Here's the Application. I would suggest COPY and PASTING this into an Email. I do not want doc files. I just want this sent in an EMAIL body - with the attachments I ask for. Each person that you want to attend with needs to answer each of the questions and have their own attachments in the same email as you. This way I know y'all want to sit together and are together. --------------------------------------------- 1) Full Name and Aliases 2) If you have a website/myspace/live journal/ blog type of thing - what is the URL? 3) Age 4) Male or Female? 5) First R rated Movie You Ever Saw? 6) Biggest Guilty Film Pleasure? 7) Occupation? 8) Where you currently live? 9) Best Film You Have Seen Thus Far This Year? 10) Weirdest Film You Have Ever Seen? 11) If you could be any film character and could explore yourself, who would you be and what would you do? (maximum of 150 words) 12) What did you think of the portrayal of the Phoenix Storyline in X3, if you saw it? (maximum of 150 words) 13) What 3 future films that you could reasonably pray to see at BNAT do you most hope you'll see? 14) What 3 vintage films do you most wish to see on the big screen at BNAT? 15) If you could live happily ever after with any film character ever - who would it be and why? (maximum of 150 words) 16) If you could possess one film prop, what prop would you possess? 17) What film most warped you? 18) Why do you want to come to Butt-Numb-A-Thon 8? (maximum of 350 words) 19) Have you ever attended a BNAT, if so, which ones? 20) If not - have you tried to get in and couldn't? the ATTACHMENTS: Your Favorite Photo of yourself that you feel captures who you are. The Most Embarrassing Photo of Yourself. Extra Credit: Why can Moriarty (Drew McWeeny) never be as cool as Harry Knowles? or If Harry Knowles ever reproduces what name should the child have? ----------------------------- In the Subject line of the above email have the following: BNAT 8 Application Don't be creative in the subject line. Please - it fucks things up for me. As I am the person that has to read all these and format the data for the Yearbooks. Half of the audience will be chosen from the Austin/nearby Texas vicinity. The other Half will be chosen from "the outside world". Many of the questions above are asked to help pick the audience that will get the most out of the experience that I am planning this year. So answer them as honestly as you can. I pick the audience from all walks of life and from all around the world. Male and Female - but I do try to hit a certain Male/Female ratio... why? BATHROOM LINE ISSUES. This affects both sexes.

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