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Dark Crystal 2 storyboards and art hits the web!!! Want To See Now!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Sometimes - the Harry head animations just happen to work with something I'm reporting on a given day. Today - the new Harry Animation from Cartuna is, of course, a tribute to Jim Henson and The Muppet Show. Well - as it happens - MTV puts out some designs and interviews some folks about the new Dark Crystal movie that Genndy Tartakovsky (CLONE WARS & SAMURAI JACK) is directing. Click Here To Check Out that story! However, I have received some reports that MTV's pics are hard for some systems to see... so check them out below. In the article - it looks like they'll begin shooting around the end of the year - for release next time around this time of the year. I'm sure you'll be excited by some of what is suggested in these storyboards and art...

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