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An Image From TRANSFORMERS' Detroit Shoot!!

Merrick here...
Nakedllamabot (eeeewww) sent in this image from the TRANSFORMERS movie Detroit shoot. I’ve glanced around (admittedly, somewhat cursorily) and couldn’t find this image on any TRANSFORMERS boards, and whatnot. If I’m in error, please feel free to identify its point of origin in the Talkbacks below. The dynamic of this image makes me smile: feels like a Michael Bay GODZILLA movie (complete with the woman looking skyward in horror). Actually, maybe that’s not a bad way to approach this film? A Michael Bay GODZILLA movie. Hmmmmmmmm… It’s tempting…so tempting…to say something snotty. Like: “I’m not sure if this image is actually from the TRANSFORMERS movie, because it could have been snapped on any given day in Detroit.” But I won’t say that…even though I just did. Thanks out to Nakedllamabot for sending this pic along. CLICK IT TO ZOOM IN ON IT!

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