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The First 300 Trailer Is Online Now... And It Will Make Grown Men Weep!!

Hey, everyone. “Moriarty” here with some Rumblings From The Lab... Holy shit. It was one thing to sit in an editing room with Zack Snyder and look at rough footage for this film as well as FX tests of what he hoped to accomplish. It’s another thing altogether to actually see those things accomplished and then some. Snyder looks to have hit it out of the ballpark with his second film, and I am personally frothing with an intense need to see this. Now. Today. Can’t. Wait. And for those who want to say, “But what about that trailer that was all over the place recently? Isn’t that the first trailer?” Nope. That was the Comic-Con presentation, and it was never meant to serve as a trailer for the film. This is what you’ll see in theaters, presumably attached to THE DEPARTED this weekend. Sweeeeeeeeeet. Thanks to all 40 or so of you who sent this one in!!

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