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Comedy Gods David Cross and Jon Benjamin Made A Cartoon!! Comedy Central’s FREAK SHOW!!

I am – Hercules!! It’a an animated epic - from comedy genius writer-performers David Cross (“Mr. Show,” “Arrested Development”) and H. Jon Benjamin (“Dr. Katz,” “Home Movies”) – about heroes with incredibly lame superpowers. It’s on right after “South Park.” It sounds hilarious. The Hollywood Reporter says:
… "Freak Show" turns up on Comedy Central and breaks from the starting gate looking a little bit like a revelation: outrageous, bizarre, effortlessly hip and unsubtle in magically edgy ways. … "Freak Show" is so politically incorrect and disrespectful -- and yet at the same time so brilliantly absurd -- that you can't help but shake your head in a combination of disbelief and awe. May these Freaks live long and freakishly.
Entertainment Weekly gives it a “B-minus” and says:
… Thanks to the voice work of co-creator David Cross and pals like Will Arnett, this superhero spoof's odd humor manages to distract from the shudders...but just barely. You know what that means: College boys, launch those cult websites now. …
The New York Times says:
… since there’s no pressure on this latest outlaw cartoon to be indignant and ideological in a way that pleases, say, Aaron Sorkin, and nor is there any threat that it will offend some phantom moral majority, “Freak Show” is free to be funny. Which it is. It presents the back story of its heroes far better than I can, and that history gives a hearty sample of the show’s humor: “In 1972,” begins the self-important narrator, who sounds like the voice-over gods from, say, “The Incredible Hulk” or “The Six Million Dollar Man,” “President Richard Nixon, Augusto Pinochet, Henry Kissinger and Adolf Hitler met aboard Kissinger’s yacht, the Wet Dream II.” It continues: “After a few hi-how-are-ya’s and several cocktails” — here the men are shown cavorting in a Polaroid, Nixon in fishnets and Hitler relieving himself out a porthole — “it became clear that the galley was desperately out of ice. Frank Mankiewicz, a junior parking attendant at the Pentagon who was moonlighting on the yacht, suggested forming a top-secret elite task force comprised of members of a small freak show that he had recently attended, because there was seriously little ice left. “His plan was agreed to by all, and thus Frank Mankiewicz’s Freak Show was born.” If you appreciate a good Frank Mankiewicz joke, “Freak Show” is definitely for you. I had to Google him, so I might be missing other stuff here. …
10:30 p.m. Wednesday. Comedy Central.

”Owwwwwww My God!! Oh Dear Lord, Oh God, Mother of All Things Holy!! Please Let This Nightmare Stop!! My Ass Is Fire!! My Ass Is Fire!!!!!! Owwwwwwww!!!! My Ass Is No More; It Has Been Replaced By Fire!!!!!”

On a recent “Howard Stern Show” Howard played a cut from Norm Macdonald’s new comedy album that made me laugh so hard I nearly passed out. It starred Will Ferrell (doing his Harry Carey voice) and Norm re-enacting the first time two men decided to have sex with each other. It just builds and builds and builds as the two fellows try to overcome a seemingly endless litany of obstacles. Kindly seek it out and listen. It costs $11.97 and is worth twice that price for “World’s First Two Gay Guys” alone.

What book about Stanley Kubrick could possibly be worth $200? How about The Stanley Kubrick Archives??
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