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A couple more actors team up with FANTASTIC FOUR and the Silver Surfer!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. FANTASTIC FOUR sucked. Anybody that wants a solid example of what a big budget shitty super hero movie looks like need look no further. It makes you appreciate what HULK and DAREDEVIL did right. It made me wish I was watching the $1 million Roger Corman movie instead. I really hated that movie. But I'll be like any other sucker, seeing this new one just because I was fascinated by the character of Silver Surfer as a kid and I want to see how they pull it off. I also heard recently that Tom Rothman mentioned Galactus appearing, which will be bizarre, to say the least. It's all in Tim Story's hands, though, so I'll probably be disappointed.

Anyway, the news is that Andre Braugher and Beau Garrett have been cast in the flick, Braugher playing a General hunting down the Surfer and Garrett playing the scientist love interest for the Human Torch, Frankie Raye. I have nothing against these two, but I don't love 'em either, so their inclusion doesn't push me one way or the other. I'm interested in seeing Weta work with Doug Jones on Surfer. That's about it.

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