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Neil Gaiman catches us up on the latest on CORALINE, STARDUST and DEATH THE HIGH COST OF LIVING!

Hey folks, Harry here with a report from a couple nights ago on Neil Gaiman's latest updates on his projects. STARDUST is getting done quickly here. Can't wait to see that. Here ya go...

Howdy - I don't know if this qualifies as a scoop (I couldn't find it on the site), but last night Neil Gaiman caught us all up on all his movie news. He was doing a conversation with John Hodgman (AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE and Comedy Central), at F.I.T. and only about 500 people got in. Stardust — he hasn't seen the first cut yet, he was supposed to see it Tuesday but they weren't ready - he loves Claire Danes and says it is very faithful so far. Coraline — being done in stop-motion by the team that did Nightmare Before Christmas - but, big news that Neil seemed very upset about - it seems TERI HATCHER is going to voice Coraline's mom. Ugh. Death the High Cost of Living — the rights are owned by Warner Bros. under the DC comics deal, so they have to do it under one of the Warner houses...New Line had given them a yellow light, but then backed off. Neil has written the script himself, and is insisting on directing it himself ("If anyone is going to screw this up, I want it to be me." He said) - but he was very excited about it moving forward soon because GUILLERMO DEL TORO has signed on to Executive Produce! Heaven to us fans, I think - If Neil needs a perfect wing to be under while he gets this done the way he wants to, Del Toro is it! Very exciting news. Also, Neil says there is a ton more in the script that he had always wanted to do but didn't have room in the comic — Buddhist monks running around, and the like. Unfortunately, absolutely no movement on Good Omens. Damn. Thanks, Phoenix.
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