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Harry says Victor Crowley Lives @ Fantastic Fest in HATCHET A B-Horror Masterpiece!!!

Hey folks, Harry here --- I'm writing this from a very unusual position. I'm hidden from the eyes of the theater goers listening to and watching the last half of HATCHET. The theater is so packed that they had to bring in a shitload of folding chairs - and still people are sitting on the floor in front of the screen. HATCHET is the run-away horror success of the year - in terms of festivals. At Frightfest it played beautifully - at Fantastic Fest last night - it played and resulted with people talking to director Adam Green till 4:30am. It's second screening is going on now - and the audience is an absolute repeat of last night's screening. The audience laughing, cheering and screaming at the seven fistfuls of gore that this film is unleashing. The body count is at 3 right now and it completely rises. This film is pure old school horror fun. No CG, all practical blood and guts. This stuff is great. A group pissed at each other, freaking out and trading great verbal rips. The cast is uniformally great. With horror film standouts like Robert Englund, Tony Todd and Kane Hodder all going at it. However, those first two or more or less cameos - this time, but Kane Hodder creates a horror film icon that if all goes as I pray to God it does with this film... that will stand alongside Jason, Michael Myers and Freddy. Victor Crowley is fucking awesome. Like some crazed inbred hillbilly swamp monster from hell... we have the makings of one of the greatest horror film characters and series. Adam Green was incredibly smart with this film. The humor is dead on, right now there's a scene with something in a bush and 4 characters scared shitless trying to decide whether or not to look in the bush. It's a hilarious, long take that just milks the scene for everything it has. - And then ... oh my god, what is happening on screen right now is so indescribably awesome, you just can not concieve - oh my god... oh shit, Adam Green just walked in to watch the audiences reaction.... and it is totally worth it. The sort of kills that gets audiences cheering. The film hits the nation in January - I can't wait for this film to be available for all of you. It's great. Super fucking great. There isn't another inch of space in this theater - wish you could all be here... It fucking rules. Adam is someone to watch - and if this film succeeds in January - we'll have a new horror monster to worship. Praise Be To Gore!!! Fountains of Blood, titties and screams.

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