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Longtime AICN readers may recall uber schlockmeister Uwe Boll’s challenge to legions of his Internet-based detractors. The short of it is: he threw down the gauntlet to get some of his staunches critics into the boxing ring. The thing is: Boll has a boxing background…which most folks don’t…so the affair was destined to be dicey at best. Nonetheless, four courageous souls faced their fear and met their bane. The odds were against them and the situation was grim. Still, they went onward. AICN contributor & longtime Boll detractor Jeff Sneider was among the warriors who rode out to face The King of the Hacks . A noble and just cause – fought for all of us with the dream that we, our loved ones, and our children may someday know a world free of Boll’s filmmaking . Despite such noble intent, he came back hoping he didn’t have “a concussion or internal bleeding”, and says, “Uwe was impressed - but not enough to cancel plans for BLOODRAYNE 2”. Let us take a moment to acknowledge those who championed quality (or at least the lack of shittyosity) for Geeks everywhere. There names were Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka from SomethingAwful, Chris Alexander from reumorguemagazine, and Nelson Chance Minter (a website critic). And, of course, Jeff. They fell, but lived to fight another day. Remember them well. Here’s the fight!

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