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Designs For Jazz The Autobot!!

Merrick here...
The boards over at have snagged themselves an image. Looks like design work for Jazz the Autobot from the TRANSFORMERS movie. Every time I see designs from this film, I remember my first reaction to seeing the refitted Enterprise in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. It bothered me…”It looks too much like a hotrod” I said. Now…that iteration of NCC-1701 is, easily, my most favorite. Wonder if we’ll adapt the same way here? I don’t HATE the designs I’ve seen thus far (except for Megatron – I thought he was a real stinker) – nor do they feel very “Transformery” to me. I sense inspiration from all over the place (BIONICLE and EVANGELION?), but no real uniqueness. This being said, I’m assuming (and hoping) such distinction will be better defined when the characters are brought to life…have voices, eyes, and expressions. A lot could change when that happens. And, yes, it could go both ways. We’ll see.

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