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The "Controversial" Post Film Q&A with Mel Gibson After His Screening of APOCALYPTO at FANTASTIC FEST!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - It seems to me that this quote of Mel's from FANTASTIC FEST that has shown up just about everywhere is being exploited out of context from the post-film conversation that he had with the Audience, and frankly - that's not cool. There's stories all over the AP, REUTERS, DRUDGE, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and tons of other places about it - and when our buddy Blake at CinemaStrikesBack sent me his review (linked) and an article with the mp3 of the post film discussion - I decided to embed it into AICN for all of you to listen to at your leisure. Even still though, you're not getting the context of the discussion, as... it is after a particularly rough version of the film. Matt Dentler - head programmer of SXSW was on hand and wrote about the screening and Q&A here at IndieWire! So - unedited - here's the Fantastic Fest Q&A of the Aint It Cool Screening of the Rough Print of APOCALYPTO with Mel Gibson and star of the film Rudy Youngblood.

Q&A with Mel HERE!

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