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Problems on THE YARDS'

Well, this 'netherworld' fella seems to have a bone to pick against James Gray... Personally I really liked LITTLE ODESSA, and with the cast he assembled for THE YARDS... well, it's something that has raised an eyebrow of interest. It seems that Gray is in the process of restructuring his ending a bit, but this is something that happens quite a bit in film, so it's nothing to get in a tizzy about. This is more or less just a status report...

It seems director James Gray, known for the overpraised Little Odessa a few years, is back at the helm of Miramax's The Yards. The director known for his tyrannical screaming and yelling on the set, now faces a major restructuring of the final twenty minutes of his new film. Gray who thinks of himself as a "serious filmmaker" is at a lost what to do. The film which stars Dirk Diggler, James Caan, and Jauquin Phoenix who also stars in 8mm with Nick Cage will be called back for reshoots shortly. The director who thinks he's making another Godfather has hopes he can fix the problem before Miramax steps in to do the work for him. Call me netherworld-reporting from the pits of filmdom

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