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I AM LEGEND Location News And Bizarre Synopsis!!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Gotta say... I’m curious about I AM LEGEND because of how much I enjoyed the work Francis Lawrence did on CONSTANTINE. But if this is accurate, then I’m concerned they’ve “reinvented” this one to an unnecessary degree...

Hi Harry I'm a regular visitor to your wonderful site, and have some news to share about the much debated "I Am Legend" film. They will be filming this Saturday, in my neighborhood, (the23rd) on 5th ave in Manhattan between 23 and 31st street. BUT here's the interesting part According to the flyers taped around the block, "Will Smith plays Robert Neville, an Army doctor who stays behind on the island on Manhattan, after a plague forces the evacuation of the island. He is immune, and has stayed behind to find a cure..." (paraphrased) Only Manhattan is infected? A doctor? Maybe this is just an "Omega Man" remake... I'll try to get set photos, depending on the shoot times if you use this, please refer to me as "I Am Dissapointed"
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