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KNIGHT RIDER Movie Update!! Political Intrigue!! Supercars!! The Hoff Becomes The Hatch!! And A Song!!

Merrick here...
A few weeks ago, we ran an article about the seemingly-in-endless-development KNIGHT RIDER feature project. The piece asked whether (THIS IMAGE) represented the vehicle that would portray K.I.T.T. in the new film – and discussed recent rumors that David Hasselhoff had asked Orlando Bloom to play his son in the movie…an offer that was allegedly declined. You can read the original article HERE. Since then, we’ve been contacted by two different sources regarding the development of the KNIGHT RIDER movie, who shed more light on the subject of Bloom, K.I.T.T. cars, The Hoff, and so forth. Firstly, the image linked above…as many have conjectured…is NOT a potential K.I.T.T. car. This according to =VK=, who has more to say below. The vehicle we’re talking about is a Koenigsegg CCX, as many e-mailers and Talkbackers have correctly pointed out (thanks for that, by the way). Strangely enough, many respondents implied the picture must be “fake” because it was photo shopped from an existing vehicle image. It’s very important to remember: K.I.T.T., by nature of its concept and character, is augmented from an existing vehicle. Thus, any “real” preliminary designs we see…that would be “developmental” in nature (as the Koenigsegg was presented)…may well be built around existing, high quality imagery of said car. This would be logical, and natural. It just happens that, in this case, K.I.T.T. is not a Koenigsegg CCX. With that cleared up, here’s a bit more information about what has been reported so far, and hints as to where the project might be going. First up? =VK=
The leaked car image is 100% fake -- like the other images plastered all over imdb's Knight Rider message boards. People are on the right track, but they're living too much in the past, and thinking too far into the future. The Knight Rider movie is indeed moving forward, but the script is still being worked on. The script will not involve Hasselhoff & will lean towards remaking the pilot episode, "Knight of the Phoenix", with a modernized take. In Hollywood, everyone wants to turn a movie into a franchise or trilogy: relaunching the concept as a franchise for a new generation has been insisted upon. Same characters, same concept of a talking/advanced car, different development. As far as the Hasselhoff rumors go, this isn't the first time that he has tried to launch interest in the movie behind Glen's back. Hassellhoff made Knight Rider 2000 with Universal without Glen's involvement and we all know how well that went over right? I would tend to believe hasselhoff did approach Orlando Bloom in Los Angeles about the possibility of playing his son; in the past he’d mentioned that a script was commissioned which involved Michael passing the torch to someone else. This was when the rights were with Revolution Studios. [READ MORE HERE] Currently, if you read the announcement between Glen and the Weinstien Co., you will see the trend of David being left out as the movie negotiations continues. [READ MORE HERE] There is no legal obligation stating that Hassellhoff needs to be involved with the movie. If you’re aware of the delicate relationship between David and Glen, you'll see why Glen isn't all that thrilled to invite David back. Listen to the audio commentary on the Knight Rider Season 1 DVD set & you'll be able to hear exactly what I'm talking about. (David goes on and on like a parrot how Glen needs to make the movie and so on.) Lastly I will give you one tidbit to savor: one of the concept cars proposed for the new KITT was based on the (then) 2006 concept Camaro, but it appeared nothing like any of the fan-boy manipulations you have seen thus far.

The Camaro thing is interesting. Wonder how that thinking will be impacted by TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, in which Bumblebee is a Camaro? Although, personally, I think it’s a great looking car and can totally imagine it with a Cylon eye. I’m told that one reason the movie K.I.T.T. will NOT appear as an older-styled Trans Am (as in the series) is because Pontiac would demand gigantic royalties to use that make and style of car. A similar (although not exact) situation resulted in Bumblebee the Autobot being changed from the traditional VW Bug to a Camaro in the TRANSFORMERS movie. Patterns… Next we have the spunky and lovely Dr. Cindi Blackraven (and, really, who wouldn’t want a spunky and lovely doctor with a name like that?), who helped to clear up the Orlando Bloom confusion a bit.
Orlando is a fan of The Hoff. At some awards show, Orlando approached The Hoff and paid tribute. Orlando said he loved KNIGHT RIDER and asked Hoff what he was working on. KNIGHT RIDER movie discussion ensued, resulting in chatter about a possible role for Orlando in the movie. Hoff’s people called Bloom’s people a bit later, in an effort to get Bloom on-board. Bloom confirmed he was a fan, but passed on the role. These events predate The Weinstein Company’s involvement. The film is set up The Weinstein Company. At one point, The Hoff was close to buying the rights away from Glen Larson. The Weinstein Company swooped in and bagged the rights for less than The Hoff was willing to pay. They secured the rights from Larson by promising him inital involvement in the project's development (the first few drafts of script example).

So, The out there trying to remain involved with a project in which he is deeply invested and keenly interested -- but has no legal claim to. Anyone remember Richard Hatch trying to re-launch GALACTICA before the current Ron Moore/David Eick iteration? This situation sounds VERY similar in nature. Funny that Glen Larson projects engender such dedication and passion. If only folks would get so pumped up about AUTOMAN or MANIMAL...what a wonderful world it could be!


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