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300 Promo Trailer hits iFilm and it's here Now!

Hey Folks, Harry here with this badass 300 Promo Trailer that is showing through iFILM - how badass is this? DYING TO SEE IT! Those test screening reviews were amazing. Now look and get a hint why...

Ok - I watched it a bunch - drove a filmmaker here in town back home, had dinner, drove to spy on Tarantino's set... Kurt Russell and Rose McGowan at my fave breakfast spot in Austin, the Omelletry. Came home - and then just started watching this over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. For those of you a bit befuddled by the above Promo trailer - you have to understand... This film is to the actual history that it is telling... what Tennyson's poem THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE was to the Battle of Balaclava. It's a stylized mythic work - singing of deeds and men that we can not and will never see the likes of again. Frank Miller's 300 may not equal Tennyson's Poetic tale of the Light Brigade... It is enormously mythic and powerful and unflinching and brutal. This isn't some faux attempt at a trying to recreate history, but to give life to mythology that was based on history. And dude - if you get gay sensations watching the toughest most brutal mutherfuckers in history... Then you've spent too much time with a ballgag in your mouth, bitch!

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