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HBO Boots Sunday Sitcom
LUCKY LOUIE To the Curb!!

I am – Hercules!! “Lucky Louie” wasn’t even lucky enough to make it past its 13th episode. Louis C.K.’s blue-collar live-audience sitcom failed to capitalize on “Entourage’s” lead-in audience, and failed equally, apparently, to win HBO exec Carolyn Strauss’s flinty heart. Read all of TVWeek’s story on the matter here.

”Owwwwwww My God!! Oh Dear Lord, Oh God, Mother of All Things Holy!! Please Let This Nightmare Stop!! My Ass Is Fire!! My Ass Is Fire!!!!!! Owwwwwwww!!!! My Ass Is No More; It Has Been Replaced By Fire!!!!!”

Twenty minutes into this morning’s “The Howard Stern Show” Howard played a cut from Norm Macdonald’s new comedy album that made me laugh so hard I nearly passed out. It starred Will Ferrell (doing his Harry Carey voice) and Norm re-enacting the first time two men decided to have sex with each other. It just builds and builds and builds as the two fellows try to overcome a seemingly endless litany of obstacles. Kindly seek it out and listen. It costs $11.97 and is worth twice that price for “World’s First Two Gay Guys” alone. Find the hugely encheapened “Trek” and other sci-fi here. Find the hugely encheapened “AD” and other comedies here. Find the hugely encheapened “24” and other dramas here.
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