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AICN Exclusive: LET'S GO TO PRISON poster!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The people behind the upcoming Bob Odenkirk comedy, LET'S GO TO PRISON, asked us if we wanted to premiere the one-sheet. Being a Mr. Show superfan, I, of course, said why not? So now we have it below.

The flick was written by RENO 911's Thomas Lennon and Ben Garrant, who I interviewed recently about their upcoming flick, BALLS OF FURY. That's one that's in the monstrous queue of mine. The flick stars Will Arnett, Dylan Baker, David Koechner, Chi McBride and Dax Shepard. Now take a look at the poster. I was also "encouraged" to have you guys come up with captions in the talkbacks below, so have fun with that. I can only imagine the debauchery you guys come up with...

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