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The TREK TOS SEs Decloak This Weekend!! Exalt!! Lament!! Say Meh!! Talkback Engaged!!

Merrick here...
I thought it might be fun to open a Talkback for the STAR TREK Original Series Special Editions, which premiere this weekend across the country. If you're having trouble locating the show in your area, CLICK HERE for a list of stations carrying the SEs, or you can find a rundown of episode titles & airdates HERE. Be aware: the TOS SEs are airing at odd times, ranging from afternoon hours, to prime time, to very late in the evening. In several markets, for exampe, "Balance of Terror" aired during the afternoon today, while "Miri" won't air until late tonight. This pattern isn't entirely unexpected given the nature of syndication, but it's still a tad strange considering the high profile nature of this endeavor. I've only seen "Balance" thus far, and found it to be a mixed bag (in terms of overall Special Editionalization). A few of the FX seemed appropriately organic, while others screamed out tacky CGI that didn't integrate with either the feel of the show, or other newly rendered effects. The true triumph here, in my mind, is the dazzling new HD mastering - -which brings a depth of texture, detail, and color pallette that lend a whole new tone to the series (even though I did not see an HD broadcast today). The SEs definitely get a big tip of the hat in this regard. I've always LOVED Vincent McEveety's direction of this episode, BTW. So much flair. So, all in all, a mixed bag thus far -- and I'd argue that such an undertaking should have been "out of the park". This being said, I'm curious to see how they handle some of the series' more effects intensive episodes ("The Corbomite Maneuver", "The Immunity Syndrome", and "The Ultimate Computer" for example). If they smooth out the inconsistencices...and maybe boost-up their rendering a bit...this could be a lot of fun. Or, not. So, what do you think? Can you even find the SEs on our local stations? If so, what are your thoughts so far?

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