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A Spy Tip About The Silver Surfer?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Okay, here’s your grain of salt. Take that first. And now, check out this tidbit we just got in about the new FANTASTIC FOUR sequel. Personally, I’m very curious about how they’re going to handle The Silver Surfer in this film. It’s a pretty wild character, one of the most fantastic of the Marvel icons that anyone’s attempted to bring to the live-action screen so far. I’m going to do a little more poking into this to see if there’s more we can learn about the approach...
Hello Moriarty, "Man in Suit" note here....... I have a confirmation from a colleague from Spectral Motion FX that the Silver Surfer, played by Doug Jones, is NOT going to be a computer generated or motion capture based character like Davy Jones from Pirates 2. The character is being created using a body-suit that is sprayed in a chrome-ish, silver paint scheme.It also appears that the face of the surfer is a fixed, contemplative expression in the head piece appliance with limited mouth movement that will be articulated by Jones' performance in the suit. Additionally, there have been numerous challenges related to placing him within a green screen environment. Is it me or does it seem odd that an effect that was perfected in 1990/91 with Terminator 2's "T-1000" is being passed over in favor of using a sophisticated Power Rangers suit? Why this is not Motion capture or a 3D based character work is beyond me. Economics? Performance? After John Knoll's landmark mo-cap work on Pirates, should there be any other contemporary effect choice/tool for this 2 year window of FX production? Very odd choice, seems risky in the land of fickle fan boy culture. We'll see how it plays. Due to NDA's and the tip, Please keep my name anonymous, Call me: MOLE MAN

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