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HELLBOY.... born in hell, too cool to stay

You see that poster folks?

If what that poster promises... "HELLBOY... Summer 2000" is true, if that project has a greenlight or is about to... Well then, dammit I'm excited. It would represent the first good decision by Universal in the Post-Casey Silver era...

I was fortunate enough to read the script for this film by Guillermo Del Toro recently and folks.... It's friggin HELLBOY! None of this namby pamby, I used to be Hellboy before the conventions of film destroyed me to suffer a terrible adaptation to celluloid crap. Nope. This is the real deal. There are evil nazis, Grigori, Ilsa and some mean as hell (as they should be) demons that just kickass! The villians are not cartoon cutouts, they are great villians, with some fantastic set pieces.

Oh wait, but there is more. You see HELLBOY is not some mumbling idiot, but rather a real life character that is on an emotional journey throughout the film. He's not ONE NOTE. Which is wonderful. As much as I enjoyed BLADE... well he's not an 8 foot tall RED DEMON in a trenchcoat that puts KOLCHAK, MULDER AND SCULLY in their places. Oh... and then there is the supporting cast....

There's that 'hottie' LIZ, but once again... she's more than that. She's got troubles, she can't fit in... and then there is the relationship between her and HELLBOY that is just sooooooo cool it hurts. It's tender as hell. If you saw Guillermo Del Toro's CRONOS and you remember the relationship between the little girl and the grandfather.... how honest it was, how true. Well this has hints of beauty and the beast, but it's different. Most importantly, she's true to her character.... in every way.

Then there is our old favorite... then there is ABE.... I am sooooo dying to see Abe brought to life. Hell (there's that word again) I'm dying to see these characters brought to life on film. On paper they snap, there's a rhythm. It's structured like an Indiana Jones style story crossed with an old Ray Harryhausen SINBAD movie, but instead of Sinbad or Indy... YOU GOT HELLBOY.

Sorry folks, but the more I think about this project, the more I get excited. This isn't a comic book movie, it's a horror adventure film that is epic, that has it's roots in the comic medium. The characters have a mystery, there is romance, there's cool action and it's scary. From the looks of things we should be congratulating UNIVERSAL! Sharp thinking!

If this is a false alarm.... WELL... MAKE IT SO!!!!

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