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When in Sundance, look for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!!!

Harry here, alerting those of you headed up to Sundance this year to keep your eyes open for this flick, it sounds a bit cool. But, you folks will be the ones to tell us, so write in when ya see it all...

As for movies coming up at SUNDANCE the one to see it "THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT"!!! The most creepy fuckin mockumentary made... ever. The film is about a group of film stdents who set out to make a documentary about a rash of childrens disapearings over the last 100 years in a small main town. The arrive and beging asking too many questions and they disapear and hteo nly thing found is a bag full of Hi8 videotapes and rolls of 16mm film. The cool part about the movie is that it was all shot on either Hi8 or 16mm. Cool technical aspect is that the filmakers didn't blow their Hi8 or 16milli up to 1:85 or 2:35 the left it at a squar 1:33!! BRILLIANT I SAY!!

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