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FANBOYS update... it's that larcenous journey to Skywalker Ranch flick!!!

Alrighty you dirty little bastards, I've got an update on that FANBOYS movie. You remember, it's the movie that's inspiring you to break into LucasFilm and watch STAR WARS EPISODE ONE before the rest of us. Well, below is the picture of BUCEPHALUS.

What the hell is a BUCEPHALUS? Well, it is a steed of the 1979 Ford Econoline variety... but... it's sooooo much more. For in that metal beast, there are the four warm drooling geek bodies with one singular purpose driving them. MUSSSSSSST SEEEEEEEEE STAAAAAAAAR WAAAAAAAAARS!!! I'm sure the thought has passed through your lobes... even now.... yes... now.... you are thinking about... security systems.... arms.... Well, only a magical metallic steed such as BUCEPHALUS can get you there. It is a beast of a vehicle. It does not need gas, it needs RUSH pounding from it's stereo. It will ride on HOLY GROUND... yes... it will.

Well, here in Austin, in the local paper "The Austin American Statesman" they ran a BIG ASS story on FANBOYS, and you can read that story here !!!!! Well, read and be joyful. By the way, the film still could use all the help it can get. Send your nickels and support to Ernie "I'm a gonna make this damn movie with or without your help" Cline at On a side note, this movie could be very special if we... the fanboys... can get behind it, and help make 'OUR' movie. Hope to see ya lifting apple boxes and operating dollies and shoveling shit out of the portapotties with the rest of us!

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