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Michael Biehn to become Mad Max?!?

Now this is some news that has been gaining steam for some time. Originally we were hearing that Mel was gonna be offered OBSCENE amounts of dough to play Max for a fourth time. But... no. Then we heard about a TV series to star Michael Biehn as Max. Well now we hear that Warners is contemplating breathing life into a film series with Michael Biehn in the title character role.

What do I think of this? Well, I love Michael Biehn. I can't imagine myself making an action movie without him. I love his energy and passion that he exhibits on screen. He's totally dedicated to his role. Probably a reason Cameron likes him. As Max, well I can see it. But I hope to God, they give him a kickass script and an A+ director. I don't want to see ol Biehn out there acting his arse off without the backup to make it incredible. Nail the script, and then get a great action director to do it. Don't substitute for something half-assed.

Here is Basil Wolverton's report...

On a seperate note i was talking to a friend of mine who works as a (UNIDENTIFIED AREA OF SUPREME POWER) at one of the Warner Brothers studios (an ex something or another) who said that there's been big rumblings over the next Mad Max film, I had heard from another source (a Michael Biehn fanpage, no less) that Michael Biehn, the extremely cool Alien buster/Terminator battler, had been in negotiations to star as Max in the next incarnation, when I put this to my friend she said she had heard similar rumblings herself and had also heard that Mel Gibson had lost interest in the project after signing onto Lethal Weapon 4, and Farenheight 451. Just what stage these negotiations had/have reached i don't know or even if this concerned the fourth film, as the rumours suggest or the proposed TV series (although last i heard that had been canned). Anyone else out there with any more info i would be very grateful to hear about, as i'm sure you yourself probably would.

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