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FANBOYS - an independent film needs you folks in the Central Texas area!!! Pssst... it's Star Wars related.. kinda...

Hey folks, Harry here. Ya know, every now and again, I love being a geek, and doing what I do. Scratch that, I love it 100% of the time. I get a lot of email. So much I don't want to even go into it. But I do read each and every one, but unfortunately I only have time to respond to the emails that provoke a reaction or that involve getting a story for you folks. It's strange when the two meet.

2 years ago I got an email from an Ernie Cline. Just your mild mannered geek. He had written and sent me his sequel script to BUCKEROO BANZAI a loooooong time before that. I had gotten a giggle out of it, but I've always been more of a BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA geek. Well this letter didn't have to do with his script, but rather... he'd fallen in love with AUSTIN, TX via the site and had a job offer and was moving to town. He wanted to know where to live, what to see, what to experience. What was happening. It was the first letter like that I had received.

He showed up at a CITY WIDE GARAGE SALE, yup, he's a geek. So we talked for HOURS... He came back a few times, even bought a BARBARELLA poster for his girlfriend from me at the regular 'geek' discount. Then when I stopped doing City Wides... I lost contact. Until recently...

Earlier this year I started getting emails from an ERNEST CLINE about something or another called FANBOYS. Yeah yeah.. whatever. Then after three or so emails I got a phone message from a voice I recognized as being Ernie, so we talked. Turns out this FANBOYS thing is pretty cool sounding, he asks me to act in it. He had written a part for me, and so on. Now this ain't no big high budget dealy, but just a small film shot on Digital with a lot of geek love... I agreed. I'm not going to spoil my sequence, but I'll tell you this, it is very very Harry.

Then tonight I got the call for scheduling. I shoot my sequence sometime in the next couple of weeks. But he needed help to get some more geeks like me to take a part in this opus entitled FANBOYS. Now, let me tell you this. It's a very cool sounding project. The script reads damn well, and I suggest if you are in the area... take part, I am.

This is a geek that started out like many of you, and like some of you he's following up on his dream to do more than just stand in lines and buy merchandise. He's going to attempt to make something worth standing in lines for. Hell, at the script stage it's pretty damn cool, help make the end product cool as well. Now, here's Ernie (aka Ernest)

AICN Readers,

I'm the writer/director of a low budget independent feature film entitled 'Fanboys.' FANBOYS tells the story of four friends on a desperate quest to see the rough cut of Episode One several months before its actual release. It's a film for people who grew up with and love Star Wars made by a bunch of people who grew up with and love Star Wars. We've been in production for several months and we plan to premiere the film here in Austin, Texas this coming March.

We're holding a benefit for Fanboys here in Austin this coming Thursday (Dec. 10th) at the Electric Lounge (302 Bowie) at 9pm. We'll be signing up the first 300 folks who arrive to play extras as Star Wars fans in the film in a scene that will be shot here at a local Austin movie theater later this month. Attendees will also have a chance to win a part as a featured extra in the film. Tickets for the benefit are a measly $5. The show will include performances and appearances by several local Austin bands (The Mittens, Fivehead, Viper Horse, Defender, and others), artists, celebrities, fire eaters, and more. Visit our web site for more details:

I hope all you Austin-area readers will swing by to sign up as an extra and then stay for the show! Help us make this movie! Take care and Happy Holidays!


Ernest Cline

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