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Some pics from WING COMMANDER: The Movie

Hey folks, Harry here. Well, does anyone know when WING COMMANDER THE MOVIE is gonna come out? I'm curious because... well... I'm dying to see the thing. I went on a tour of DIGITAL ANVIL where they are doing the special effects quite some time ago, and saw tons of very cool things. Mainly some of the space footage which was very very pretty. It looked alot like the sorts of ships they have in the WING COMMANDER games, but much better renderings, gorgeous textures, and the space scenery itself was very... 'Hubble-y'!!! I met with Chris Roberts about the film, and he seemed very excited about the project. I can't wait to see more from it of course, and I imagine the film isn't too far from being released, as they were on a schedule to deliver the film to FOX right around now, which would probably mean a release sometime in the first quarter of next year. Let's see. For now, here are some cool pics...

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