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This is the beginning of something.... Wonderful. What this Trailer will bring...

Ya know folks, this bit from a theatrical exhibition type really kind of made me think about this. There really is a bit of fear for theater manager types... there must be.

Let's face it, THE PHANTOM MENACE, for it's initial weeks of release is going to be a madhouse. I've received well over 1000 letters over the last 6 months from people outside of the U.S. that will be flying in to see the films. That is, of course, a small segment of the group that will be going.

As April approaches we'll begin to really get intolerable. Some darn fan will begin camping a month ahead of time. He'll be the focus of a DATELINE or a 48 HOURS that will paint fans as a scary lot.

Hallenbeck is fearing riots in the Westwood theaters of L.A.

Those theaters with reserved seating... hahahaa... yeah right.

Some people will eat only at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. At home, they'll be drinking PEPSI, DIET PEPSI, CAFFIENE FREE PEPSI, ONE, MOUNTAIN DEW and the others. Frito-Lay chips will be disappearing off shelves. Toys will become hunted like some sort of mad bomber.

When we begin to see regular television trailers. Oh dear god. Life will have ended. More people will be moving their hands slightly when walking though motion-sensitive doors while whispering "All too easy". The fan art on the net will continue to grow. STARWARS.COM will eventually run into server problems. And then... the week before the film is to be released. Insanity.

Lines will begin forming. People will deficate themselves in line, igloo coolers will arrive, the theaters with advance ticket sales will have no lines... no community... no event. But the theaters with standard ticket sales. Hahahahaha GLORY.

7 days of 24 hour radio broadcasts from a disc jockey in line.

TV Weather men saying, "The temperature for those people standing in line is awfully hot and humid with a 99% chance of thunderstorm." And the line will stay.

People with bunson burners will cook breakfast.

Some will stand in line with earmuffs, keeping all sound from entering their ears, they will meditate and their eyes will not stray to the plethora of INSIDER images, and toy mags. Virgin filmgoers that stopped watching television two months prior. That bought no Pepsi products, that read the backs of no toy boxes.

Fathers and mothers with children, talking about how it's exactly the way it was when they were kids. Others saying it was better then. Others saying it was worse.

Conversations about FLASH GORDON, LOGAN'S RUN and JOHN CARPENTER'S THE THING will ring out. People will be tired.

And me. Well, hopefully I'll have a cellular modem and a lot of batteries, cause my ass is in line. It will be... wonderful.

And it really really begins with THIS trailer. After people, the ones that don't read this site, the ones that just exist not really buying film mags. People that see a movie every now and again. Well... they'll see this trailer and they will remember. Their 'adultness' will begin to shrink away. They will have perfectly centered pupils, their jaws will hang. They'll pump their arms in the air, and joy... pure and simple will rage in them.

Tens of Millions are asleep right now. Lucas is about to wake them up. Be afraid... smile more often. We know.

hey , i work at a local regal cinmas as a district manager, and i just wanted to give you some info,i was talking to the d.m. of south florida and he told me they already had theyre print in of the trailer for tuesday(i thought it was friday is there something i missed?)anyway i had to go there not gonna give you this crap about the trip or whatever straight to the trailer,it was awesome!!there were some visual effects done that were just jaw dropping.Iwas kinda pessemistic about the sfx after seeing the work on the special editions which left me thinking,''how much more realistic can they get?!??!''you just could never imagine the stuff theyve done,like i said,jaw dropping.this film is years ahead of its time fx wise.ok enough of that.People around the movie theater buisness are NOT looking foward to this.They are expecting sellouts for the first 4 or five weeks,this is gonna be a HUGE event.I think this will be one of the first movies in history to have scalpers sitting outside the theater.All this stuff about the ticket prices being raised and a two part trailer is untrue,the one i saw was one part before the movie, not after.(by the way it was with the waterboy,funny as hell go see it if you havent)well, thats about it,im sure you prob. know this stuff already but i thought id give you my take on it,thanks

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