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New THING makeup from the set of FANTASTIC FOUR: ROTSS' set.... rocks?

Hey folks, Harry here... In my MySpace domain, I received a messaged from my "friend" Advanced Dark sending me to some pics he'd posted on MySpace to use on AICN - and boy did he score some good ones! First off - it's our first look at the new Ben Grimm - THING - makeup - and it is, to me, a strong improvement over the brow-less burn victim look of the last time out. They've made the cracks more distinctive and the brow is now pronounced... reasonably - albeit - not the big brow of the comics, which in a practical creation - would look horrible, but as a CG creation, would look great... I think. But I totally get wanting to do as much practical as possible, simply on the expense basis. The shots seem to show Ben meeting some kids - and is it just me - or is that Asian kid freaked out? Sure seems freaked out. Of course, man - can you imagine being a kid and getting to meet the "real" Ben Grimm? It'd be pretty damn sweet. Our first set look is a good one, let's hope that's a trend.

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