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Optimus: Clearer And Upper Closer!!

Merrick here…

We’ve previously seen images of Optimus Prime from the TRANSFORMERS movie…HERE and HERE for example.

Some folks complained that they couldn’t get a better look at details, or his face in the previous images. So, we thought you’d like a better look…clearer and upper closer…including his face…in what I *presume* are combat mode and standard mode, or something to that effect?

The body shots are, simply, clearer shots of what we've already seen. The face is new, as far as I know. It'll be interesting to see how this looks when animated. I'm wondering how/IF people's perspectives on these designs will change once they see them "alive" & in motion?

As I’ve said before, this dude reminds me of MEGAS XLR…which is an issue unto itself. I stared at this image for a while, trying to make out the flame “ribs” Quint talked about with Michael Bay in HIS RECENT ARTICLE. I see the idea they were going for, although I’m not sure if it works (in terms of accentuation).

Also, I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how toys with such awkward skeletal frameworks will actually be able to transform. I mean, a kid could sever fingers trying to shove all of these protrusions back under the hood of a semi. ‘Twould be a strange irony indeed if a movie based on toys called “Transformers” was supported by a toy line that didn’t transform. If anyone out there knows how this is going to work out, drop me a line!

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