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Today's news of the weird! Bruce Lee: The Amusement Park? With Bruce Lee-bots? Could happen...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the hands down oddest bit of geekiness I've heard in a long while. "The Fark Man" sent me a link to this website here which had this bit of news about an amusement park being developed in China:

Time for some WEIRD Theme Park News story of the year. What could be stranger than a proposed Dracula theme park in Romania? How about a new park themed after the legendary Bruce Lee? Chinese news sources are reporting that just such a theme park is being planned and will feature a roller coaster that will feature Bruce Lee’s signature “screams and grunts” Wait... it gets even better. The park will be “patrolled by Bruce Lee ‘mannequin robots’ radio-controlled from inside a giant statue of the late film star.” Somehow... I doubt we’ll see this idea come to life.

Bruce Lee-bots? A Bruce Lee rollercoaster with his vocalizations at every twist and turn? God bless the Chinese. I know WESTWORLD warned us of exactly this kind of park, but... Please have this actually happen! Please!!!

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