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Pics of Kurt Russell's Badass Car from Tarantino's Grindhouse Flick, 'DEATH PROOF'!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. It's sort of impossible these nights in Austin to not stumble across Tarantino's set for GRINDHOUSE / DEATH PROOF. If it's a cool place to hang out, drink beer and eat some badass grub, he's been taking it over for sets here in town. The last week and a half - he's been shooting at THE TEXAS CHILI PARLOR - one of the finest bowls of food you'll eat in Austin is their Chili, they have many types - personally I've always preferred the Black Bean & Elgin Sausage Chili. Very yum yum, and a great place to watch a UT football game! And then he's also been shooting at GUERO'S TACO BAR - another very yum yum Mexican food joint here in town. I highly recommend their ALAMBRES, btw. It is very cool that Quentin is really making this his AUSTIN film - with the various places he loves here - as being the sets and locales for this film. The other night - outside Texas Chili Parlor - they had the water trucks hooked up to the rain machines - while they were shooting interior dialogue scenes - where I hear that there was hanging on the wall in the place - was Jack Burton's shirt from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA - that's an item from Robert Rodriguez's collection. Can't wait to see how it's featured in the scene. I know that in the Texas Chili Parlor doing dialogue was Jordan Ladd, but I don't know who else was shooting that night.

Anyways - the point of this post was to show y'all the DEATH PROOF car that Kurt Russell's Stuntman Mike is driving. And one shot of the GUERO'S location. Thanks to P.S. for the shots:

Merrick here...adding in a photo snapped by our own Roland as he was walking down the street this weekend.

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