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Rest In Peace Steve Irwin

Hey folks. Quint here with some sad sad news. I've watched Steve Irwin for years. Matter of fact, this last summer when I was in New Zealand the home I was renting had basic cable, which gave me the choice between E! News, Animal Planet, dozens of sports channels and the Maori Channel. So, I watched tons of Animal Planet, looking forward to Steve Irwin's CROCODILE HUNTER the most.

Irwin was known for risking life and limb with nature's fiercest predators. Time and again he handled these beautiful, but dangerous animals as a way for his audience to get a newfound respect for them. His goal was to replace blind fear with cautious respect.

Of course, I always thought he was nuts, but that's what made the show so fun to watch. His enthusiasm for animals was unmatched.

Irwin died while diving off the North Coast of Australia. He was filming with stingrays, who are normally very docile creatures, when he got stung. The barb pierced his heart and he died before paramedics could reach him via helicopter. He was 44 years old.

Everybody had always joked that Irwin would go too far one of these days and while I always thought it possible, I secretely wished he'd always beat the odds and be entertaining and teaching children and adults alike for many decades to come. I'll fondly remember him and all the adventures he allowed me to experience vicariously through his show. Hopefully his legacy will live on through his work at the Australia Zoo. My thoughts are with his wife, Terri, his children, friends, family and fans.

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