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Toronto to feature a documentary about the assassination of George W Bush called DEATH OF A PRESIDENT!

Hey folks, Harry here - Got this in our "press release" box today, same as Devin over at CHUD - and I would have had it up earlier today - 'cept I had to go with Yoko to get her hair permed today. Whu-Chiiiii... I watched LABYRINTH on my PSP and took phone calls for two and a half hours. Is that really necessary? Anyway - about this film... I wonder if it can even be played legally in the United States while George is in office. Sure, it's obvious parody - but I wonder if they'd get the joke... or take it that way here. No matter, I can't wait to hear if there's any merit to the project from you guys going to Toronto. It could be fun.

New York, NY (August 31, 2006) - The Toronto International Film Festival released new details today regarding a film in their line-up. Previously referred to as D.O.A.P., the film's actual title is DEATH OF A PRESIDENT. This fictional drama, which mixes archival footage with narrative elements, focuses on the assassination of President George W. Bush in the style of a retrospective documentary. DEATH OF A PRESIDENT makes its world premiere in the festival's Visions section on September 10th at 8:30 p.m. at the Paramount 3 Theatre in Toronto.

"We’re thrilled to be screening the film at Toronto," said writer/director Gabriel Range. “It’s a striking premise which may be seen as highly controversial. But it’s a serious film which I hope will open up the debate on where current US foreign and domestic policies are taking us.”

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT is a thought-provoking critique of the contemporary American political landscape. In the film, President Bush is confronted by a massive anti-war demonstration as he arrives in Chicago to make a speech for business leaders. Unperturbed, Bush goes ahead with the visit but as he leaves the venue, he is gunned down by a sniper. While the nation mourns, the hunt for his killer swings into action and the state apparatus tries to make sense of this horrific attack on the administration. The investigation soon focuses on a Syrian-born suspect.

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT is co-written and directed by Gabriel Range ("The Day Britain Stopped"), and is produced by Borough Films' Range, Simon Finch and Ed Guiney. The executive producer is Robin Gutch. U.S. rights are represented by William Morris Independent, with distribution already secured in the UK by Film Four/Channel 4.

P.S. -- Seems Drudge has this as his top story right now. Heh.

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