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Calling Vern!! Van Damme's TIL DEATH Trailer Sleazes Onto The Internets!!

...with a link to the trailer for a new Van Damme movie coming next year!

Not only does it star Jean-Claude, but Stephen Rae as well. He's the CRYING GAME and V FOR VENDETTA guy. Boy did he make a wrong turn.

The movie's called TIL DEATH. At one point, Van Damme will be in a coma in this one. I mean, more so than usual. His character will be in a coma, I mean.

This trailer has one of the most audaciously trashy edits I've ever seen: a shot of a woman being humped rigorously from behind...the next cut is her saying "I'm pregnant". How I managed to avoid this buzzkill in my own dating adventures is beyond me. If the actual movie is as expedient in its narrative, 'twill be true gold!


With that out of the way, I should probably note that this film is written by Dan Harris, co-writer of X-MEN 2 and SUPERMAN RETURNS. He's currenlty trying to beat ENDER'S GAME and LOGAN'S RUN into submission as well.

TIL DEATH reunites Jean-Claude with producer Moshe Diamant, whose gargantuan list of credits include old school JCVD fare like DOUBLE TEAM, TIMECOP, and DOUBLE IMPACT (which gave us two Van Dammes for the price of one!)

This should arrive in the U.S. mid January, 2007! And, I can't wait...

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